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Strachan Kayak, Badachro

Paul and Anne have their own kayaks at home but rather than cart them all the way up here they came out for a paddle with me were they got to try out different boats to their normal ones.

Nico & Co

Nicolas, Morag, John, Marcus and Fabiana came paddling with me in a kayak and canoes. As we paddled around we were able to spot wildlife like this beautiful Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.

Bedford Paddle, Gairloch

Sam, Kevin, Michael, Andrew, Vicky and Amy took to the water in kayaks and a canoe from Gairloch Harbour. As we explored the craggy coastline we had a good time playing some games to test our paddling skills.

McConachi & Co Kayak, Gairloch

Sarah, Nicola, Edel and Greg were spending the week on holiday up here and fancied a change from the normal land based activities. This starfish was just one of the many creatures we spotted under the sea.

Price McEwan Kayak, Mellon Charles

Robert and Marian happened to be staying yards from the ‘boom’ beach in Mellon Charles, it’s from here that we paddled today. There’s some lovely craggy coastline around the coast along with some great clear water.

Wilson Taylor Kayak, Gairloch

Pauline, Kim and Robert came across from the east coast for a kayak session. We had great conditions on the water again – sadly I’m getting used to sunshine everyday, soon the weather’s going to realise it’s over Scotland and that it should be dreich!

Tancred Kayak, Gairloch

Shanthi, Christopher, Rohan and Rafael came kayaking to have fun whilst learning some paddling techniques and seeing wildlife. The Waverley paddle steamer even made an appearance to add to the day!

MacMillan Kayak, Mellon Charles

Alan and Cora had been paddling with me a few years ago, recently Alan bought a kayak and they wanted to come out to practice some techniques and more importantly how to rescue each other if they fall in. It’s an essential skill to keep yourself safe for all kayak owners.

Petrie Guthrie Kayak, Mellon Charles

Albert and Sarah spent the morning paddling with me around the rocky shoreline at Mellon Charles. When we stopped on a beach for our brew break we got a good view of a young otter scampering along the beach in front of us.

Parkin Kayak, Gairloch

Nicola, Kate, Benedict and Iona joined me on the water for a sunny time paddling around the coastline. Like most trips lately we saw a good selection of jellyfish – this one is known as a Blue Jellyfish, it’s similar to the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish and will give you a nasty sting if you hug it.

Claydon Kayak, Sands

Tani, Timo, Isabella, Justin and Daniel’s house overlooks Longa, they’ve been keen to get out to it since they’ve lived there. The weather was perfectly calm, so conditions were right for a trip out to the island.