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Jo, Sanfur, Jenny Canoe

Jo, Sanfur and Jenny came on a canoeing adventure with me. Sanfur was stuck in my boat as Jo and Jenny were keen to paddle tandem again after last time we were canoeing with the scouts.

Watson kayak, Loch Maree

Arnold had been kayaking with me a few years ago and was keen to get back on the water with me. He’s got his own boat but hasn’t had time to get out in it lately, so a relaxing day paddling gently around the islands was in order.

Fallows kayak, Gairloch

Rob, Fiona, Will and Matthew spent a fun morning paddling around the craggy coastline. Even when the sky is grey it doesn’t stop everyone smiling and having a great time!

Tranter canoe, Gairloch

Chris, Amanda, Chloe and Rosie joined me in canoes for a fun morning. We had a great time exploring the coastline and spotting tiny starfish dangling on the rocks.

Wadams paddle, Loch Maree

Jamie, Leanne, Rebecca, Monty and Erin spent an exciting afternoon paddling about in the sunshine. Monty and Erin seemed keen to leave Rebecca on a tiny island without her boat!

Wright kayak, Gairloch

Steve and Lynda came out with me for a morning adventure. We had a nice low tide which meant we where able to spot lots of starfish, urchins and other wildlife that normally lives below the surface.

Meek Brady Kayak, Loch Maree

Erin and Jonathan enjoyed their last trip so much the brought along Celia and Sarah to experience it. Kayaking around the islands with Slioch in the background is always a nice way to spend a day.

Hough kayak, Gairloch

Lila and Jason joined me on sit on top kayaks to explore the coastline from Gairloch on a slightly grey day. We spent time sat watching the seals as they bobbed about watching us.

Burke kayak, Gairloch

John and Carol met me on a very calm afternoon at Gairloch. The water was almost mirror like as we paddled around the bay, it made the seals very clear to spot!