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Rhodes kayak, Poolewe

Alison and Will join me again for another day on the water. It was a bit breezy to do too much today so we spent the time sheltering from the wind by Inverewe and practiced support strokes and rescue skills.

Mylroi paddle, Gairloch

David, Tracy, Aidan, Rory and Fergus spent the morning paddling with me from Gairloch harbour. We had a good time in both canoes and kayaks – learning skills, playing games and exploring the rugged coastline.

Whittington paddle, Poolewe

Anna, Miles, Alice, Sam, Joe and Rachel joined me for a breezy afternoon paddling around in a variety of different boats to suit everyone. We found some shelter from the wind and had a good session.

Tindall kayak, Tollie Bay

Adam, Helena, Elliot and Isaac spent the morning with me at Tollie bay, loch Maree. We had a great time learning to paddle the kayaks, playing games and exploring the area.

Susan & Aga kayak, Poolewe

Susan lives locally and is keen to get her own boat so she decided to book a session with me to see what it’s like and learn some skills. Aga came along too and is keen to do more. The wintery feel to the day made the brew break even more important to warm up!

Cook kayak, Gairloch

An evening session for Rachel, Georgina, Juliet and Christopher. We had fantastic light to paddle in with seals to watch when we weren’t spotting jellyfish around us!

Ishani & Co kayak, Gairloch

A busy day with this group! Rupal, Ojas, Aarzv, Aarnshi, Amiti, Hasdik, Ishani, Shemin, Niraj, Pooja, Preksha and Shubh all had fun on the water with me. Half in the morning and half in the afternoon. They live in Manchester/Canada/India and are spending their holiday together exploring the north of Scotland. What better way to see the Scottish coastline than from the water!

Morphet kayak, Poolewe

James, Carrie, Freya and Thomas joined me for an afternoon splashing about on Loch Ewe. We had a slight bit of rain but we hardly noticed as we had fun paddling about!

Walmsley kayak, Poolewe

Linda, Harry, George, David and Lesley had a nice afternoon paddling from Poolewe and around the rugged shore of Inverewe Garden. It’s a different view of Inverewe that most folk don’t get to see.

Crawford kayak, Gairloch

Amanda, Ed, Archie and Marsaili joined me again for another session on the water. They’re looking at getting some boats so they wanted to practice rescue skills so that they can keep safe – I wasn’t just being lazy making them rescue themselves!