Doidge Kayak, Poolewe

Emily and Kevin are newish to the area and were keen to explore the fantastic coastline on their doorstep (we launched 100m from their house!). The seals and Jellyfish came out to play, entertaining us as we explored the craggy coastline around Inverewe Garden.

Corrick Kayak, Gairloch

Kathryn had a last minute holiday in Gairloch and luckily when she contacted me I had a space she could have. Since I don’t mix groups on session it looked like she’d be stuck with just my company for the afternoon but thankfully for her some seals joined us!

Clow Kayak, Gairloch

Lynne, Allan and Ruardh had fun paddling around the coastline on sit on top kayaks. We explored the craggy area just south of Gairloch harbour on some very calm water. As the water was so still it was easy to gaze down through the crystal clear depths to spot starfish and urchins.

Casey Paddle, Shieldaig

Karin, Gordon and Robbie got out paddling in the sunshine this afternoon. We had more very inquisitive seals swimming along with us as well as some of these fantastic looking Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.

Reeks Kayak, Shieldaig

Chris and Emma arrived for a fun morning on the water. Most of the time the seals are inquisitive and like to watch us as we paddle around, sometimes they decide to investigate further, coming right up to the boats!

Yeaman Simonis McFarlane Paddle, Shieldaig

This large group with Gordon, Anna, Bart, Stuart, Michael, Rory, Jonathan, Emily and Millie spent the afternoon exploring the coastline and having fun. For some reason the youngsters were all keen to get wet, so the session ended with a lot of falling and jumping in!

Damay Kayak, Shieldaig

Andrea, Pascal, Dorian and Jessica met me this morning to explore the area from the water in sea kayaks. Being out in a tiny boat enables you to see the area from a totally different perspective. It’s quite different scenery from the Swiss landscape they’re used to!

Claydon Kayak, Maree

Daniel, Isabella, Justin and Ash spent the day exploring on the water and on the islands with me. Daniel demonstrated hydrostepping – the art of walking on the water. It’s a skill I’ve not quite mastered yet, so shall stick to using a boat.

Rawson Paddle, Shieldaig

Elaine, Hannah, Lorne and Finlay joined me on a slightly damp morning whilst the rest of the family watched golf. It might be wet but I know which option I’d rather do! Finlay had to put up with me in his boat as we canoed around.

Wilson Kayak, Gairloch

Millie, Flora, Iona, Annabel, Eilidh, Eilish, Kirsty and Jade met me for some fun on the water. I knew as soon as I saw them in the car park that it was going to be a lively session!

Knox Kayak, Gairloch

Kenny, Lisa, Rebecca and Rachael spent the morning splashing about from Gairloch Harbour. The sun might not have been shining but the smiles on everyone’s faces were as we played zipped about on the water.


Roberts Kayak, Shieldaig

Jason, Jennifer and Samuel met me for a fun afternoon paddling from near the Shieldaig Lodge Hotel. We had a good session exploring the craggy coastline and watching the seals watch us.


Bowie Kayak, Shieldaig

It seems like I’m having a run of repeat customers – Kathleen, Neil, Duncan and Calum didn’t break the run. Last time they were out on the water with me was a few years ago so I hoped they’d forgotten my normal jokes!

Yarrington Myatt Paddle, Maree

David and Frances have paddled with me a few times before but Clare had always found other things to do when we went out. She joined us in the front of my boat this time. Frances normally paddles her own boat but after trying out one of my sea kayaks I think she might be keen to use them in the future!

Clayton Paddle, Gairloch

Sue, Tony and Maddie joined me again for another paddling session. Since I last had them out paddling they’ve really got into kayaking a lot, buying boats and learning more skills. Sadly Maddie recently injured herself so she was stuck in the front of my boat rather than whizzing around by herself.

Harrower Kayak, Shieldaig

Morven, Gavin, Angus, Ailsa and Isla joined me for their third trip with me today, this time paddling from near the Shieldaig Lodge Hotel. As always it’s great to see customers come back again and again.

Stewart Kayak,

Shona, Alistair, Alice and Peter joined me again for another fun filled session on the water. We’d paddled at Shieldaig last year too, but it’s such a great place there’s plenty to see including lots of seals.