Woodhouse Smith Kayak, Gairloch

Ruth and Simon met me at Gairloch harbour to explore the craggy coastline and spot wildlife. We had the normal seal sightings as we headed around, the seals being just as interested in us as we were in them. The crystal clear water enabled us to spot lots of tiny spiny starfish along with the occasional huge one.

Rogers kayak, Poolewe

John, Barbara and Jame had some lovely calm weather for their adventure. We set off just across the road from their campsite and explored the coastline around the world famous Inverewe Garden. The water was crystal clear, letting us spot plenty of wildlife below the depths.

Scriven kayak, Badachro

Ray and Nicola were staying on Dry Island and fancied exploring the seas from kayak during their stay. The weather was good for paddling from Badachro, so we set off on the sit on top kayaks on an adventure around Eilean Horrisdale.

Swaby kayak, Gairloch

Mark and Clare met me for an afternoon on the water. They chose the sea kayaks and we spent the afternoon exploring the craggy coastline and watching wildlife.

Kettlewell kayak, Gairloch

Alison and Jon joined me for a good morning exploring the rugged coastline by Gairloch. We might not have had the blue skies and sunshine that everyone hopes for, but it was a lovely morning on crystal clear water.

Leah & Jamie kayak, Poolewe

Leah and Jamie came paddling around the shores of Inverewe Garden to see everything from a different perspective. As we looked at the amazing scenery seals watched us paddling around.

Rhodes kayak, Poolewe

Alison and Will join me again for another day on the water. It was a bit breezy to do too much today so we spent the time sheltering from the wind by Inverewe and practiced support strokes and rescue skills.

Mylroi paddle, Gairloch

David, Tracy, Aidan, Rory and Fergus spent the morning paddling with me from Gairloch harbour. We had a good time in both canoes and kayaks – learning skills, playing games and exploring the rugged coastline.

Whittington paddle, Poolewe

Anna, Miles, Alice, Sam, Joe and Rachel joined me for a breezy afternoon paddling around in a variety of different boats to suit everyone. We found some shelter from the wind and had a good session.