Mays kayak, Poolewe

Connor, June, Charlie, Sherrie, Nathan and Lewis joined me for a paddle on Loch Ewe. They last paddled with me years ago and it was great to see them all back on the water.

Hope Abbott kayak, Poolewe

Becky and Morgan were supposed to be on their honeymoon in Europe at the moment. Their wedding is postponed till next year, so what better thing to do than go kayaking with Ewe Canoe! They also added on a trip around Scotland to their Ewe Canoe experience! Hopefully they have a great special day next year and whilst they’re on their honeymoon they don’t spend too much of their time wishing they were back in the rain on Loch Ewe!

MacRae paddle, Poolewe

Kate, Neil, Cameron, Jacob, Ellie and Lewis joined me for a fun filled morning on the water. They live over in Laide and are used to my sense of humour but still booked a paddling trip with me!

Walker kayak, Poolewe

Woolf, Sarah, Touss and Ben had a sun filled morning paddling around Inverewe garden with me. After however many months in lockdown some families wouldn’t be keen to holiday in a motor home but they seemed to be getting on fine so far!

Gibson kayak, Poolewe

Elaine and Alan spent a fantastic afternoon paddling around Inverewe garden. We couldn’t have hoped for better weather! They’re regular visitors to the area but first time Ewe Canoe-ers, hopefully they’ll be back!

Brimlow kayak, Poolewe

Great to have George and Alex back out on the water with me. This time we paddled from Poolewe, exploring the coastline. The weather wasn’t quite what we’d have hoped for but it could have been worse!

Thompson kayak, Poolewe

Adrian, Andrew and Iain spent another morning on the water with me, their fifth so far in 5 years. This time Terina couldn’t join us but luckily she could spend time at the Button Bothy and Roasters coffee in Poolewe.

Their kayaking skills have been improving over the years but I’m not sure there tasty seaweed identification skills are up to scratch yet!

Hall Chase kayak, Poolewe

Jeff, Katie and Isobel joined me again, this time bringing along Oliver too. Last time we’d paddled from Badachro and this time we spent our time kayaking on the waters from Poolewe. Great seeing them again!

Cairns kayak, Poolewe

David, Innes and Erin spent the morning paddling from Poolewe with me on a grey but great day.

They’re regular visitors to the area as Innes and Erins grandparents live in Gairloch.

Barrett Low kayak, Poolewe

Roy, Karen, Stuart, Daniel, Simone and Alex met me for a fun session splashing about from Poolewe. It was great getting to know them as we paddled along the coastline and around some islands.

Webb kayak, Gairloch

Roger, Fiona, Finella and Evan spent the day sea kayaking with me from Gairloch.

We had some tough sections in the wind and some sheltered sections with mirror like water.

Some starfish were spotted along with great looking jellyfish.

Roger is another member of my mountain rescue team – Dundonnell MRT

Passway kayak, Gairloch

Tracey, Norry, Fraser and Issy spent a fun morning paddling on sit on top kayaks around the coastline from Gairloch harbour. When folk wear wetsuits I do find it hard not to splash them a bit!

Tippett Whall paddle, Gairloch

Fiona, Lachlann, Hope, Brian, Lynne, Sofia and Erin spent another session with me. This time they brought a few boats of their own along – since last paddling with me both families have bought a kayak each.

So with a combination of my boats and their boats we set off to explore the rocky coastline south of Gairloch harbour.

At the end they practised some self rescues, luckily this jellyfish wasn’t around for that!

Waddell kayak, Poolewe

Nick and Kerry joined me again, this time with Callum, Sarah, Gavin and Jules. It was a wee bit wavy and breezy in places but everyone coped perfectly. A good way for Sarah to spend her birthday!

Hayward Cooper kayak, Poolewe

Joe and Charlie joined me for a great paddle from Poolewe. As we paddled along an otter popped up in front of our boats with a fish in it’s mouth. Always lovely to see otters out in the sea!

Allison kayak, Poolewe

Judith, Kevin, Fraser, Angus, Jeremy, Nicola and Poppy joined me for a busy afternoon paddling. Lots of competitive paddling, surprisingly just one capsize!

Briggs paddle, Poolewe

Iain, Helena, Amelie, Matthew and Edward spent a morning in boats with me on Loch Ewe. Eddie jumped into my boat to help me with my paddling. Apparently lounging back in my boat is a great help!