Clinton kayak, Gairloch

Rachel, Julian, Antony and Elsie spent a sunny morning paddling from Gairloch. It’s a great bit of coastline to paddle along – rocky, rugged, wild and quite!

Rachel & Co paddle, Gairloch

Rachel, Suzanne, Bridie, Claire and Mason spent the sunny afternoon paddling about with me. Normally I make a point of pointing out wildlife but as one of the group has a bit of a seal phobia it meant I didn’t point out some of the ones I spotted swimming around!

Malcolm paddle, Mellon Charles

Gayle, Mark, Rachel, Hannah and Ruth all spent the evening paddling with me from Mellon Charles. On our paddle we spotted porpoise and seals as we paddled around the interesting coastline.

Louise & Matt canoe, Mellon Charles

Louise and Matt wanted an adventure on the water in a canoe, so we set off to explore the craggy coastline. Whilst exploring the rocky area we had inquisitive seals watching us as we watched them and a pod of porpoise swim past. On our brew break we were also lucky enough to share the beach with a young otter.

Whitehouse kayak, Mellon Charles

Katie, Robert, Isla, Ellen and Megan spent a calm but dampish morning exploring the fantastic coastline from Mellon Charles. The grey skies and slight rain didn’t put them off at all as we spent our time paddling through the passageways.

Adams kayak, Poolewe

Bill and Francine came out on the water for an afternoon. There had been a heavy downpour just before we met but luckily it cleared and we had great weather for our paddle.

Bruce kayak, Poolewe

Ewen and Jeannie spent the morning exploring the coastline by Inverewe Garden at Poolewe. Seals swam around us as we drifted along the rugged shore.

French kayak, Badachro

Sam, Amy, Adam and Callum spent a grey and slightly damp afternoon having fun and enjoying the scenery and wildlife. Always nice to have folk out that live locally!

Ward Glue kayak, Gairloch

Chris, Kirsten, Archie and Ethan met me on a damp day for an adventure on the water. Their tent had let them down a bit in the rain last night meaning a wet night but they were still keen to get out on the water for some fun!

Roberts paddle, Gairloch

Alan, Andrena, Callum, Carys and Aidan joined me for the afternoon. The wind had picked up since the morning, meaning we had a slightly tougher paddle but that didn’t stop them all having a great time splashing about!

Taylor canoe, Gairloch

Lesley, Iain, Euan and Ailsa spent the morning in canoes, paddling from the harbour at Gairloch. Collecting a bit of debris from the beaches is something that generally always gets done little by little, today Euan picked a huge fish crate to clear off the beach. Luckily we had just enough space in our canoe!

Lorna & Steven kayak, Badachro

Lorna and Steven spent the afternoon on sit on top kayaks with me. They were slightly trepidatious after a bad experience many years ago kayaking with someone else. Something that they particularly liked about my sessions is that I don’t mix groups ever, so you’re getting a private session just for your group. Their confidence levels skyrocketed and were paddling well around the scenic coastline.

Baird canoe, Badachro

Russell, Susan, Innes and Struan spent the morning canoeing with me. We had plenty of calm water to explore the craggy coastline and watch the seals watch us. One particular seal kept following us everywhere!

Bee kayak, Shieldaig

Gordon, Lesley and Ruby spent another morning paddling with me, sadly Grace couldn’t make it due to injury. We’d paddled a couple of years ago when they where doing the NC500 in a motorhome. After realising how amazing it is up here they’re spending a week in Gairloch and a week down in Plockton!